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Our Arabescato marble of Carrara, Corchia, Cervaiole, Vagli, and Faniello.

Slabs, tiles, floorings, and coverings, cut to size for projects, all sizes.

Solid pieces and artistic works.

Our arabescato Corchia marble, arabescato Vagli, arabescato Faniello and arabescato Carrara marble, are natural stones of great aesthetic value and very elegant.

They can be specified for many projects when architects and designers like materials with a white background and beautiful designs of veins.

The natural uniqueness of marble and other natural stones, such as arabescato marble, represented by its veins, renders the result of the composition original and unrepeatable, creating a plot of unparalleled beauty over the background color.

The production of coverings and floors in a wide variety of geometric shapes, also offers the possibility of creating a wide range of models and projects, unique and original with the arabescato marble, regardless of whether it is Mount Corchia, Vagli or Carrara

They can also be considered as alternative marbles to the statuary marble and calacatta marble, either because of their beauty or because their commercial value is lower and their use can lower costs and at the same time while achieving an aesthetic solution of great beauty.

Due to its characteristics, when veins are inclined at 45 degrees, open-book type designs can also be made.

Suitable for coverings of floors and walls, the arabescato marbles are without a doubt a great solution.


To exalt the qualitative properties of marble arabescato, statuary marble, calacatta marble and other similar "veined", in a project with marble floors and marble wall coverings, we suggest making the necessary designs of the pieces cut to size, design all the Covers that indicate the dimensions of each and every one of the pieces of the project.

The factors that characterize this type of project with arabescato marble or with other similar marbles are the following:

* The geometric shape of the pieces.

* The geometry of posing or placing on the site.

* Chromatism, that is, the use of color to express ideas and feelings.

* The design of the arabescato marble veins or the other similar marbles: design open book, accompanied, casual vein, etc.

* The possibility of combining this composition with others within the same project.

* The possibility of repeating some significant elements.

* The possibility of combining different natural stones, colors, and types. For example, the arabescato marble, depending on the color of its veins, could be combined very well with some marbles such as Marquina Black or with Carrara White "C" marble, with a few veins, or with some Tuscan marble like Yellow Siena, for example.

In short, there is a great variety of Italian and Spanish marbles that we can supply depending on what the designer or architect of the work decides.

* The range of finishes and surface finishes of the stone, which for an arabescato marble with open book design will surely be the polished finish or honed finish.

* The design and type of expansion joints that are necessary.

Arabescato marble slabs & tile for flooring & covering. Arabescato stairs, columns, solid sinks, solid bath, fireplace. Custom sizes of arabescato Corchia, Faniello, Vagli, Carrara.

Arabescato marble, slabs of 2 cm, polished open book

Criteros de seleccion de una piedra natural

The selection of natural stone, such as an arabescato marble, a Carrara white or any other marble, for the covering of floors or walls, should be made based on the following criteria:

*  Durability of natural stone.

*  Surface finish.

*  Dimension of the elements.
*  Background color of natural stone.

*  Design that you want to achieve.

*  Availability of marble or natural stone in the market and  * Cost.

Indeed, each natural stone like a Carrara white marble, an arabescato marble, statuary, and calacatta, like others of various colors, has its own technical and expressive potentialities, which are opportunely valued by means of careful design and a selection of natural stones, in order to achieve the highest qualitative results.

The best qualitative level of a floor and an internal covering of marble, can be reached when the work is done is mainly based on:
1. Good Design and careful selection of materials to ensure, besides optimal architectural result, easy maintenance time quality floor and coating.
2. Conscious management of the installation finalized to the prevention of the causes of lack of quality.

Stock arabescato tiles

Arabescato marble, stock of opportunity for our clients

When we carry out a medium or large project with marble arabescato or with white marble from Carrara, we have stock of tiles of various sizes that are not used for the project and are offered to our clients as an "opportunity stock".

For example, from the last project made with arabescato Corchia and arabescato Vagli, we have tiles of 60 x 60 x 3 cm, 60 x 30 x 3 cm, 30 x 30 x 3 cm, most of them polished.

This is an excellent stock of arabescato marble, due to its high Quality / Price value.

Watch these pictures and appreciate the quality and great value of this arabesque marble.

But our selection does not stop here...

Marbles, Stones, Limestone, and Precious Stones.

We try to keep our inventory up to date, for inquiries of any material not listed send us an email!

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