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Blocks of Italian & Spanish marbles 

Some considerations about the production and sale of blocks.

Blocks in general, we can classify them into blocks and semi-blocks.

All of them are usually cut with saws with diamond blades and the latest generation machines that use many diamond wires instead of steel blades.

The blocks and semi blocks can be sold in groups of several blocks that form a lot, they can be sold one by one, that is, individually.
Obviously, the value of the blocks bought in a lot is lower, on average, to the value of the block purchased individually.

The value of blocks or semi-blocks sold per unit is greater than if they are sold in sets.

In the sets obviously go several types of blocks classified by their beauty (determined by the color of the background, design, and color of their veins), by its size (large, medium and small), by its mechanical properties relative to its integrity, blocks healthy or blocks with small defects that can be repaired or eliminated in production phase or very broken blocks that anyway today with the production techniques and with the technology of special resins, drying ovens and polishing machines of the last generation, allow to manufacture perfectly repaired slabs from very broken blocks.

Especially when they are marbles of extraordinary beauty, difficult to get completely healthy, healthy, by the characteristics of the quarries themselves from which they are extracted.

Of course, who buys block set obtains a better price on average provided that he can distribute his products to different markets.


On the other hand, the craftsman who wants the special blocks to perform a certain job, should be patient to find the marble block he needs, according to the characteristics he requires, with enough flexibility, even to adapt the project to the blocks he finds and with enough patience that is needed, because the production of marble blocks, as an absolutely natural stone that it is, depends on factors, many of which we can not control.

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