Italian & Spanish marble tiles: 2 cm, 1.5 cm, 1 cm, 3 cm, and special thickness.

Some considerations about our production of tiles.

To be rigorous, we must refer to the tiles of marble and other natural stones, as to the pieces of coverings of standard measures (such as the ceramic pieces) that are used to cover floors and walls and that the construction market generically calls the name "Tiles".

These tiles of marble coating, by its analogy with the ceramic (non-natural) coatings, makes implicit reference to a low thickness that generally, for marble and natural stones, in general, is 1 cm.

Of course, in the case of ceramic tiles that have greater strength, pieces of 1 cm thick can be manufactured even for large dimensions.

In the case of "marble tiles of low thickness, 1 cm", the dimension of the pieces will depend on the type of marble.

The marble tiles of 1 cm, are included in the group of marble coverings for floors and walls.

The pieces of marble cut to size and commonly called "cut to sizes", are usually pieces of different dimensions, not standard but "designed to measure" and thick of 2 cm; 1,5 and up to 3 cm (in the case of facades or high pedestrian traffic).

Therefore, for us, the tiles are the marbles of coverings of 1 cm when this is possible and of 2 cm when the type of marble does not allow to manufacture it in low thickness, and of standard, small, medium and large dimensions.

The cut to measure is the type of coating that enters the category of manufacture or artistic production and that this is supported by a specific design of the designer. These same coatings can also be with designs that combine various types of marbles and that are usually produced with water jet technology and subsequent assembly by hand.
That is whole manufacture outside the standard.

We can produce any measure you need and deliver it in a short time, as well as offer you high-quality stocks selected depending on the needs of your project.

Contact us   so we may help you design the best solution for you. 

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