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Our statuary marble and our calacatta marble, are exclusive marbles, carefully selected in all the phases of production to give you the maximum in quality, price, and assistance, that you need to realize the project of your dreams.

Calacatta marble & Statuary marble: slabs, tiles, flooring & coveringStairs, columns, and capital.

Solid pieces made with calacatta gold or statuary marble, solid sinks and solid bath, calacatta marble fireplaces, statuary sculpture,  mosaics,  luxury coverings made with calacatta marble and statuary marble.

Covering with natural stone - statuary & calacatta marble - are forever

Let's be honest and recognize that natural stone covering is the most beautiful.
Natural stone, well worked and installed is unique and forever.

Calacatta marble and Statuary marble are two ancient natural stones, which Michelangelo used for his works, but the greatest diffusion and application in architecture is quite recent, only a few decades, compared to other marbles such as Carrara White.

The Carrara white marble is extracted and known for a much longer time.

Nowadays there is a great demand for white marbles and great works of architecture around the world that use these marbles.

Calacatta macchia vecchia, " Old stain", polished slabs

If you are the owner of the project and you are choosing a calacatta marble or marble statuary for yourself, or if you are the Architect - expert designer of natural stones, in either case, I hope this information is useful for you.

Of course, there are ceramics of high technological value that imitate very well the natural stones and these two marbles, calacatta, and statuary, but obviously, if you are reading this page, I suppose you do not want that, you want real natural stone, simply because you appreciate the natural products or because you feel and want the natural stone, especially a calacatta or statuary, currently considered two luxury marbles of high aesthetic value for a wall or floor covering and also for many other things if you wish and you can afford it.

The first consideration is precisely this: the calacatta marble and the statuary marble are especially today, two beautiful and luxurious natural stones with a high aesthetic value in the range of white marbles of Carrara, and their origin is the "Bella Italia".

They are very expensive because there is more demand than supply. The offer depends on the production in the quarries and it depends on natural factors that can not be totally controlled, you will not find too much offer, in the showrooms and deposits of the sellers of your country.


They can tell you that they will ask for them and they will take them there, and this is a possibility that you should evaluate.

On the other hand, the high demand for these marbles calacatta and statuary, from the last years to today, is because many architects and designers prefer white colors to other colors such as creams and beiges, where there are a greater world production and a much lower cost.

You may have all the money necessary to buy any of the luxury marbles you want, that is, money is not a problem for you and in this case, you have a great advantage to get and buy what you want but still, read on, please.

Or maybe you have an excellent taste and appreciate and want the best for you, but for this project, you do not have all the money in the world, and therefore you want to know if there is the possibility of getting a fantastic calacatta or statuary marble, with which you can cover your floors and walls, without having to make an exaggerated investment.

In other words, you want to know if there is a balanced solution that, on the one hand, takes into account the beauty and exclusivity of these luxury marbles and, at the same time, take into account the budget that you have at your disposal.

In mathematical terms, this is a very difficult equation to solve, because there are many variables that compose it. Here I leave some questions that will help you in the analysis and resolution of this equation that we can formulate in the following way:
"How to get and buy at the best price and quality, a calacatta or statuary marble, knowing that these two are luxury marbles, very exclusive, limited production, and very expensive.

These reflections are valid for a project with calacatta marble, statuary marble, and also for all marbles of extra quality, in the range of white marbles of Carrara, whether for a residential or commercial project.


Whom do I give the order to get the marbles?, What is the person or company more indicated to get these marbles ?.

How much time do I have in total and how long can I wait to get the slabs?

Knowing that marble is a natural resource, extracted from a mountain, not from a showroom. And knowing that once I find the marble slabs that satisfy all my tastes and needs, I must transport them to the workshop that will cut it to size and then install it definitively in the work.

What is the possibility of adapting (adjusting) the project to the slabs you find at a certain moment at a certain value? and not unlike ?, For example, I adapt the measurements of the pieces designed according to the measurements of the slabs.

In any project with many variables, when it is very difficult to reach the Optima solution, we have to sub-optimize in order to arrive at a final solution that will be very close to the optimum, so as not to idealize the solution in something too difficult to reach.

What is my maximum budget available for this project? I have a margin for maneuver?.

A very important factor is the speed of decision to not miss the opportunity, because if I find the marble calacatta, statuary, etc. that it satisfies in the best way to my project (equation) I must decide fast to avoid that somebody else buys it and I am left without it.

Recall here that we are buying a natural stone and that especially for these materials, there is no block equal to another, each block and slabs has a background color and a certain color of veins and design of its veins that make it precisely unique and so valuable.

A delay in making the decision, once you find the slabs, the slabs that satisfy almost 90 or 100% of my needs, I must decide, buy it now !!, otherwise I will have an opportunity cost if someone else arrives before me and buy it.

Many times between the architect-designer and the owner who decides, it takes a long time to decide, because you lose sight of the factor of "the opportunity", the producer who has your calacatta marble or your marble statuary, does not wait for you to decide, if another more determined customer arrives who buys the material, you can lose it and in this case, you should start the process again.

I say this from experience because to use a metaphor, it's as if the Project Owner and the Architect in their interactions, move at a speed, while the owner of the marble, who has here and now the slabs that you want, it moves at another speed and is offering its "magnificent and exclusive calacatta marble to more than one client, who may want to buy".

That is, if you want these marbles exclusive and scarce, on the one hand, you will have to have patience until you find what comes closest to your ideal solution, and on the other hand, when you have this opportunity at your fingertips, you must decide quickly, without hesitating not to lose the occasion.

It is hard work, for all of us, but I am sure that you will agree with me in saying the following:

The natural uniqueness of marble and other natural stones represented by its veins, renders the result of the composition original and unrepeatable, creating over the color of the background a plot of unparalleled beauty, which will last a lifetime.

There is no other type of material for coverings in the construction, with the beauty and the characteristics of the natural stone and therefore, all the daily work that we all do, from the extraction of the stone, the design, to the installation final, they are worth all the work, without any doubt.

Technical Data of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble from Carrara, Italy. One of the most prestigious Italian white marbles, creamy white background, and lightweight/large golden and beige veins.

SKU: Calacatta Carrara Marble

Category: Natural Stone, luxury marble

TAGS:      Calacatta, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta macchia vecchia, Calacatta gold cream, Calacata Oro, Calacata Gold, Calacatta Cremo, Calacatta Lucicoso.


Possible realizations: Interior and exterior marble tiles floorings and covering. Marble stairs, columns, solid sinks, solid bathtubs, Kitchen Tops, Shower trays, Tables, marble fireplace,  marble sculptures.

Finishes: Polished, honed, sandblasted, waterjet, leather and special luxury finishes


Name:                                       Calacatta 

Classification:                             Marble
Availability:                                Medium
Medium block size:                     Medium/Large
Prevalent Usage:                        Indoor / Outdoor
Compression breaking load:              1.235 kg / cm2
Breakage load after frostbite cycles:  1.135 kg / cm2
Single bending rupture load:               194 kg / cm2
Thermal expansion coefficient:     0.0080 mm / m ° C
Water Immersion Coefficient:       0.002300                 
Impact resistance:                      48   cm  

Friction wear:                              -
Weight per unit volume:               2.698 kg / m3


Do not miss our new production of Calacatta Carrara marble, tiles.

All the measures you need.  Look at this video and tell me if you like it

Technical Data of Statuary Marble


Statuary marble of Carrara one of the most prestigious Italian white marbles, white background, and lightweight/large gray veins. Vein statuary, Fine vein statuary, and Statuarietto.


Possible realizations: Interior and exterior marble floorings and covering.

Marble stairs, columns, solid sinks, solid bathtubs, Kitchen Tops, Shower trays, Tables.

Marble fireplace,  marble sculptures.

Finishes: Polished, honed, sandblasted, waterjet, leather, special luxury finishes.

SKU:        Statuary Carrara Marble

Category: Natural Stone, luxury marble

TAGS:      Statuary, Statuario, Estatuario, Statuarietto, Estatuarietto, Estatuarieto


Name:                                       Statuary

Classification:                             Marble
Availability:                                Medium
Medium block size:                     Medium/Large
Prevalent Usage:                        Indoor / Outdoor
Compression breaking load:              1.175 kg / cm2
Breakage load after frostbite cycles:   1.097kg / cm2
Single bending rupture load:               112 kg / cm2
Thermal expansion coefficient:     0.0027 mm / m ° C
Water Immersion Coefficient:       0.003300                 
Impact resistance:                      61   cm  

Friction wear:                             5,79 mm
Weight per unit volume:               2.663 kg / m3

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Marbles, granites, stones, limestone, onyx, travertine.

We try to keep our inventory up to date, for inquiries of any material not listed send us an email!

Which is better, buy from the Dealer or ..?

Which is better, buy from the dealer or directly from the manufacturer in Italy?

For many years and even today it seems to be a wise decision to buy from the dealer that is closer to us and for several reasons:

Because it is close, because it knows me and gives me good service, if I need something that He does not have, He brings it to me. In short, it solves all my needs of calacatta marble, statuary marble & other natural stone, slabs, tile, custom cut and gives me a fair price.

However, if for some reason, my local natural stone distributor can not meet the above-mentioned benefits, there is an alternative solution and that is, buy directly from the source of production, in this case, direct from Italy: Interior and exterior floorings and covering calacatta marble, stairs, columns, solid sinks, solid bathtubs,  Kitchen tops, Shower trays, Tables, fireplace, marble sculptures and more with calacatta & statuary marble.

Today, thanks to the new communication technologies, the possibility of sending images of marbles & natural stone with high definition and information in real-time, even with a smartphone, the speed of the cargo ships and the logistics systems that are every day more efficient, you can then buy marble directly from Italy.

Today you can buy directly from your home, the calacatta marble, the statuary marble or white Carrara marble that you wanted, directly from its origin, Italy, just as your dealer does.

It does not matter if the quantity does not occupy a full container, our service of group load, made by the Sabino del Bene Company, is an excellent service and You can take advantage of it to have the marble that you want and that does not obtain, probably at a better price.

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