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Our Carrara white marble, in its various types and ranges of colors and veins, is our specialty, cut to size for floor and wall coverings, they are the essential raw material for all your interior and exterior projects with white marble.

Carrara white marble: slabs, tiles, custom sizes for floors, and coverings.
Carrara white marble stairs, columns & capital, solid sink, solid pieces, fireplace, special works. 


Watch the videos of recent slabs, and if you are interested, check availability !!

Carrara White Marble Slabs 2 and 3 cm


Carrara White marble cut to sizes.

To give you the best quality.

Carrara white marble production cut to size: 60 x 60 - 60 x 120 cm and the size you need.

Thickness 1.5 and 2 cm for floors and 3 cm thickness for facades.


White marble from the best quarries in Carrara, Italy, and selection of the best blocks.


The best technology for the automatic cutting of slabs.

Selection of each cut piece, pre-installation, and packaging, to give you the highest quality standard.

Cut to size of slabs with Breton numerical control machine.

Once cut the block of Carrara white marble, the slabs enter the automatic cutting line and this allows us to photograph, measure, and optimize the cut of each slab as seen in the following pictures and videos that we have loaded for you.

Carrara-white-mable-cutting with numerical control automatic machine, Breton of last generation
Carrara-white-marble-slabs in the  cart ready to enter the cut

Carrara white marble, cut to size, selected pieces and pre-installed for quality control, brand, and packaging

Carrara white marble pieces, already polished, are selected block by block and when required, pre-installation is done for greater control of each and the entire coating.

In this case, the pieces are numbered and marked one by one, then packed, ready for delivery.

Carrara white marble cut to sizes
Carrara white marble slabs

Carrara white marble of high quality, cut to size 120 x 60 x 2 cm polished,

24 x 48 x 3/4"

Packed in wooden crates, loaded on container box.    Good job !!

Most common defects in the white marble blocks of Carrara.

The Carrara white marble, like all-natural stones, together with its decorative capacity and the remarkable technological properties, can present some defects, not always easily identifiable, depending on its natural origin.

The defects are of several types and in general, we can divide them into three categories.
Structural defects, texture defects, and chromatic defects.


Structural Defects.

Are those related to the structural aspects of the quarry, that is, mainly to its degree of fracture (macroscopic and microscopic).

Texture defects and chromatic defects.

They are essentially due to several inclusions:

- Small forum of dimensions of a few millimeters existing in some materials, as in the white marble of Carrara of some quarries such as "Lorano" and "Canal Grande".


The more white the color of Carrara's white marble, the more likely it is that some blocks present these defects.

- Oxide point: a small natural spot of iron hydroxide.

- Nodule: of silica or quartz, which  white marble is usually called "luccica", (which shines)

- Chain: inclusions of an irregular type, constituted of the material of aspect and of contrasting structure with respect to the general mass of the white marble of Carrara.


A chain can constitute a defect under the decorative profile, it constitutes a defect itself when it negatively influences the physical behavior of the stone.

Carrara white marble facade

Carrara white marble facade 1


Our specialties from Carrara, Italy are...

Carrara white, C, Cd.  Carrara white fine vein, Bardiglio Nuvolato and Bardiglio Imperiale

Arabescato Corchia, Arabescato Vagli, Arabescato Apuano, Arabescato Faniello

Statuary, Statuarietto, Statuary Vein, Statuary extra

Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Betogli, Calacatta Vagli, Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Gold Cream

Calacatta Manhattan Pearl, Calacatta Macchia Vecchia, Calacatta Damby extra. 

Calacatta Vaticano.  Calacatta Manhattan Bluette.

White Thassos and other Greek white marbles.

Giallo Siena, Portoro Silver, Portoro Gold

Onyx white, onyx green. Onyx orange, onyx red. Onyx brown, Onyx Pink

Pietra del Cardoso, Pietra Serena. Basalto

Roman light travertine. Roman Navona type, Noce Travertine, Yellow Travertine, Red Travertine

Eramosa marble

Our specialties from Verona, Italy are...

Classic Botticino, Semiclassic Botticino and Fiorito super Light Botticino

White Perlino and Red Verona. Carnico Gray

And others more from Verona

Our specialties from Alicante, Spain are...

Ivory cream marble, Coto. Ivory cream Zafra

Brown Emperor Dark. Brown Emperor Light. Rojo Alicante, Black Marquina

Niwala Limestone, Shell Reef limestone, White limestone, and cream limestone.  Caliza Capri.

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