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Classic Botticino  and Light Botticino marble, two classic Italian marbles, to carry out your project in natural stone.

Classic Botticino & light Botticino slabs, tiles, cut to size, stair, columns, solid sink, solid bathtub, custom size.

Botticino marble is a commercial beige marble denomination extracted from Botticino, Nuvolento, Nuvolera, Rezzato and Serle quarries in the province of Brescia.

This marble was used by Roman builders in the ancient Brixia (Roman forum).

The oldest piece in Brescia in Botticino is the capital of the I century. B.C.; It was in the imperial age in the restructuring and construction projects, confirming the expertise of local production and the existence of a raw and finished product export market.

In more recent times Botticino's marble was used for the construction of the Old Motherland in Rome, the White House in Washington, the Statue of Liberty, and the New York Central Station.

Botticino marble is a very fine grain of beige color, sometimes with splendid golden veins. It is characterized by your beige color and veins, with splendid clouds of lighter color and darker veins giving personality to the material and make it the perfect stone material for traditional  Mediterranean architectural works

The Classic Botticino is recognized immediately for its varied veins and for delicate colors that allow different uses depending on the most diverse realization needs.

The Botticino Classico's structural quality, thanks to its particular chemical and physical characteristics, allows almost unlimited application: it is suitable for external coatings for frost resistance and thermal excursions.

The Botticino is certainly suitable both for interior and exterior applications such as cladding and stairs, decorative objects, columns, precious facades, luxurious floors, kitchens tops, and bathroom furnishings.

The finishes that enhance the character and personality of Botticino marble are polishing, sanding, sandblasting, and brushing.

If you like beige marbles, the Classic Botticino, and the Semi-Classic Botticino are two "classic" marbles that will highlight the environments of your project and will combine very well with all the decorative elements, both indoors and outdoors.

The light Botticino marble is a light beige color with veins in the shape of flowers, that is why it is called "Botticino Fiorito".

If you want a cream-colored marble, instead of the Botticino, we suggest the ivory cream marble , crema marfil.

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