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Our Products
What kind of products and services can you buy from our company?
Marble blocks and, slabs, marble tiles, marble flooring & covering; marble stairs and columns.
Solid sinks, solid bath, marble fireplace, marble sculptures, mosaics, decorative marble, special marble surfaces, luxury surfaces of marble and natural stones.
In the following pictures gallery, you will see represented the entire range of our products:
Starting with the blocks that are extracted in quarries, following with the slabs that are obtained from these blocks, tiles, and cut to sizes for floor and wall coverings and examples of artistic manufacture, mosaics, and marble surfaces with
special treatments, luxurious and extraordinary.

The materials you will see most are our Italians in the range of white marbles and Spanish creams such as ivory cream marble. These last two materials, whites, and creams are the marbles most used to cover the most extensive areas of the projects. The colored marbles called precisely "colored", are used in less quantity, in general in the design of luxury and super luxury interiors, for example in bathrooms or in the entrance hall of luxury buildings and hotels.
Within the range of white marbles, we also include our marbles white arabescatowhite statuary marble, and calacatta gold marble, which are also our specialty

For Private clients

Tiles, all sizes &  Custom cut for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Hall, Full house.

Artistic works:    

Marle floor with design (water Jet),  marble fireplaces,  marble sculptures,  marble stairs, Column & capital, Solid sink & solid bath, full solid marble elements for bathroom & kitchenYou can see pictures of works on this page



For the selection of natural stone, for transportation from Italy, door to door, and assistance for the export documents. Full assistance !!

For manufactures and Dealers

- Blocks for you to produce

- Slabs for you to process and sell, all thick 

- Tiles, Cut to Size for your projects, all sizes and custom cut with your design

- Assistance with the selection of natural stone, production; installation 

- Assistance with export & documents for export

- Assistance for the transportation, Door to door from Italy & Spain, Full assistance!

For Artisans 


- Are you looking for a marble and you can not find it there?

- You need tiles, Cut to Size based on your drawings?

- We give you the product that you need and the most complete assistance for export and transportation.  Door to door from Italy or from Spain.

- Communicate with us and tell us your project, we will be happy to collaborate with you

For Developers 


- From the budget of your project and the specifications of your architect, we help you to obtain the best technical and economical solution, the most convenient and we give you our most complete assistance in project management, based on our experience of more than 30 Years, with natural stones from all over the world: a selection of marble, production monitoring, quality control in all phases, expedition, documents for export, door to door from Italy & Spain to your construction site, wherever East.  

Save your time and your money, contact us now.!!  

our products

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Whats app:   + 39 335 71 73 74 8   
Face Time:    +  1 561 50 77 858



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